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Best Battery Chargers

Best Battery Charger

In this post we investigate the best battery charger available for household batteries.

Since the 1980s the rapid advance of science and technology has revolutionized the world. Human beings have invented many gadgets which have become an essential part of daily life.

The advent of rechargeable batteries is also one of the miracles of new technology. It has saved a lot of our time and money, and has hugely benefited the environment.

Moreover, rechargeable batteries save us running from out of juice at important moments.

We use batteries constantly in remotes and wireless controllers, in phones and smoke alarms. And if the batteries are rechargeable, it can prove highly convenient.

And of course essential to rechargeable batteries are the battery chargers themselves, and this is what we are looking at today.

Welcome to best battery chargers.

What is a Battery Charger?

A battery charger is an electronic device that is used to charge batteries. These batteries are used for different purposes. A good battery charger is the one that charges the batteries efficiently within minimum time.

Should You Buy a Battery Charger?

Rechargeable batteries have myriads of potential uses, and can save time and money in every household.

Here, the question of whether you should invest in a battery charger or not arises. If you have only nonchargeable batteries you can certainly make do without a charger.

However, this makes no economic sense. Over the lifetime of an average device the batteries could potentially require changing dozens of times, with heavy use.

How much this will cost depends on the batteries you choose, but, over time the savings to be made with rechargeable batteries are unquestionable.

With the help of battery chargers, you can recharge your batteries again and again and those batteries can go long.

How much do I Need to Spend on Battery Charger?

The money you will need to spend on a battery charger depends on the type of charger that best suits your requirements.

Different battery chargers have different qualities. To determine which type of charger is the best fit for you it is important to examine the attributes of each one.

A good battery charger should have the following positives.

1-Type of Battery Charger

The very first decision that you have to make is what type of charger you should buy. There are many types of battery chargers available. Out of all these, smart battery chargers are more technologically advanced and usually more expensive.

A smart charger can generally charge the batteries in less time compared to more basic chargers. These chargers can judge the level of charge in any battery and will cease charging when the battery is full.

On the other hand, there are many cheap trickle chargers that will charge the batteries in a considerably longer time.

2-Size and Number of Batteries you want to Charge

The money you will spend on purchasing a battery charger also depends a lot on the size of the battery charger and the number of batteries it will simultaneously recharge.

Prices will also vary depending upon the size of battery the charger is designed for. So the chargers that recharge only AA or AAA batteries are usually cheaper compared to the chargers that recharge 9V, C or D batteries.

Usually, the battery chargers give you an option to recharge between two and eight batteries. Thus, the charger that recharges maximum number of batteries is costlier than the charger that charges only two batteries.

3-Charging Indicator

The good battery charger is the one that has charging indicator that enables you to check whether the battery is charging or not. There are also such chargers available as show separate indication when the charging is full.

These chargers automatically stop charging the batteries. Nowadays, the chargers have digital indication system and display the charging time needed to charge the batteries.

Do I Need a Smart Battery Charger?

Yes, in order to save money and time, and for greater convenience you should consider purchasing a smart charger.

Equipped with latest technology, a smart charger will automatically cease charging when the battery has reached full capacity.

Also, these chargers have digital displays showing the remaining charge time.

Moreover, most smart chargers also have USB plug in ports that can be used for various purposes. These ports enable you to recharge the batteries on the go.

Battery chargers are great for prolonging the life of your battery, saving you time and money as well. However, these chargers will only work if they’re compatible with your batteries.

So how do you figure out which is which given all the choices that are available?

We know how difficult it can be to find the right charger with so many options, which is why we have decided to prepare this guide. We have reviewed here our top battery chargers. If you’re unsure which battery charger to get, this is what you need.





 The first of our best battery chargers, the Amazon basics chargerAmazonBasics Ni-MH, AA, AAA Battery Charger $ 3.9/5
 EBL 8 Bay AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery Charger $ 3.9/5
 Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Smart Charger $$$ 4.3/5
 La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger $$$ 4/5
 EBL 906 Smart Charger $$$ 4/5
 MaximalPower EIGHT BAY Battery Charger $$$ 4.2/5
 La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha Power Battery Charger $$ 4.1/5
 NITECORE i8 Smart Battery Charger $$$ 4.5/5

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1-AmazonBasics Ni-MH, AA, AAA Battery Charger

The first of our Best Battery Chargers the Amazon Basics

Compatible with: Ni-MH: AA and AAA

The Amazon basics battery charger is a hugely popular device due to its lower price and modern features. It has the capability to recharge up to four Ni-MH AA or AAA batteries simultaneously.

Moreover, the charger also has a USB port so charging a smartphone or similar device is no problem. It can recharge batteries in a maximum four hours and it will detect and prevent both the wrong polarity and overcharging.

This battery charger also has switching power technology that makes it suitable for traveling purpose.

While it has many positives, there is also a notable drawback – it recharges batteries only in pairs. This means that you cannot recharge a single AA, or AAA battery with this charger.


  • Suitable for use as a travel charger.
  • Can recharge 4 batteries at a time.
  • Contains a USB port for various uses.
  • Can charge batteries in just 4 hours.
  • Detects wrong polarity.
  • Protects batteries against overcharging.
  • Available at a very affordable price.
  • Has slim profile and switching power technology.


  • Charging time is a bit longer.
  • No display / stats
  • Charges the batteries only in pairs.
  • Does not charge Ni-CD batteries
  • Didn’t come with batteries
  • Does not charge lithium or alkaline batteries
  • Cannot charge C, D, 9V Batteries
  • Basic charger with no discharge or refresh mode

2-EBL 8 Bays AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD Battery Charger

EBL 8 Bays AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD Battery Charger

This is another top notch rechargeable battery charger. Perhaps the best feature of this battery charger is that it can recharge 8 batteries simultaneously, making it a tremendous time saver.

Usefully, it is compatible with several types of batteries. You can recharge both Ni-MH and Ni-CD AA and AAA batteries with this charger. The device is equipped with four LED lights that enable the user to check the status of the charging batteries.

There is a cut-off charging mode that switches to trickle charging to save the batteries’ life. This means that the charger can detect overcharging and automatically change its charging mode accordingly.

It can also save the battery through trickle charge mode in case of short circuits and reverse polarity. Due to its smart circuit it can also be used worldwide.

Another thing we liked was the heat dissipation design. Because of this design the charger charges the batteries more efficiently and stops charging to prevent the batteries overheating. And, last but not least the most attractive thing is its price. This charger is perhaps the cheapest of all best selling chargers.


  • Can recharge 8 batteries at a time.
  • Has support for various batteries.
  • Can easily detect overcharging.
  • Equipped with 4 LED indicators.
  • Has both fast charging and trickle charging modes. Its cut off features can automatically change the mode from fast charging to slower charging.
  • Contains heat dissipation design to detect overheating and overcharging.
  • Available at very affordable price.
  • Version with 2 x USBs available for a small upgrade


  • Batteries can only be charged in pairs.
  • Batteries not included
  • Basic charger with no discharge or refresh mode
  • Cannot charge C, D, 9V Batteries
  • Won't charge Alkaline or Li-ion batteries
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3-Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Smart Chargers

Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Smart Chargers

Compatible with: Ni-MH and Ni-CD: AA and AAA

The Tenergy TN438 is another top rated charger that is widely and globally used. This is a monster charger with 16 bays that can all be used simultaneously, saving a lot of time and energy.

The TN438 arrived packed with sixteen Tenergy AA premium rechargeable batteries (which we purchased separately at an additional cost). These batteries have a high capacity and are reputedly very long lasting. Tenergy batteries are ideal for those devices that are frequently used, and are especially suited to clocks, wireless mouses, and game boxes.

The TN438 is compatible with Ni-MH and Ni-CD AA and AAA batteries and features a prominent LCD display that displays the charge status of the various batteries.

Another excellent feature of this charger is that it is equipped with smart battery charging technology. This smart charging technology prevents overcharging, automatically discontinuing charge to the battery that is fully charged. It also provides protection against overheating and reverse polarity.

The TN438 also has an adapter that enables it to be used universally, as well as a car adapter. You can use it while on the go, and there is an easy to use refresh cycle that charges and discharges the battery, increasing its lifespan and performance.


  • Can charge 16 batteries and saves a lot of time.
  • Has a universal adapter and a car adaptor
  • Offers support for multi batteries.
  • Has smart battery charging technology and saves batteries from overcharging, overheating, and reverse polarity.
  • Has large LCD screen to display charging and discharging status of batteries.
  • Contains a refresh cycle and saves battery cells from damages.
  • Has 100-240V universal adapter.
  • Available in different prices for different variants.


  • Costlier than many other chargers.
  • No USB Ports
  • Does not charge li-ion batteries or alkaline batteries
  • Necessarily bulky
  • Batteries not included
  • Cannot charge C, D, 9V Batteries
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4- La Crosse Technology BC-700CBP Battery Charger

Compatible with: Ni-MH and Ni-CD: AA and AAA

La Crosse excels in making efficient and uniquely designed battery chargers. The BC-700CBP has a neat design with a prominent LCD display which displays the capacity of each battery after it is fully charged.

One of the unique features of this battery charger is its four different modes. There is a charging mode, a discharging mode, refresh mode, and a test mode. The discharging mode discharges the battery completely and then recharges it again, while the other modes are fairly self explanatory.

Pleasingly, there is also an automatic trickle charge mode which automatically activates near full charge and saves the battery from overcharging.

This charger also offers three different charging options for trickle and fast charging. It has 500mAh and 700mAh settings that automatically change to 200mAh when the charging is near completion.

The charger can also be used internationally because it has 100-240 adapters.


  • Can charge 4 batteries at a time.
  • Has a sleek design and LCD display for displaying battery status.
  • Offers four different charging modes.
  • Saves batteries from overcharging and overheating by trickle mode.
  • Have three charging settings for slow and fast charging.
  • Comes with one year official warranty.
  • Can be used internationally due to 100-240V adapter.
  • Has discharge feature and refresh mode


  • No USB port
  • A little costlier than many other chargers.
  • Does not charge Lithium or Alkaline batteries
  • Won't charge C, D or 9V
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5- EBL 906 Smart Charger

EBL 906 Smart Charger

Compatible with: Ni-MH and Ni-CD: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

EBL is a company of some repute in battery charging circles, and they are back with a series of new and improved chargers.

The 906 is one of the latest additions to their range, and  geniune contender for the title of best battery charger.

It can charge up to four AA or AAA batteries at a time and can also recharge either one or two pieces of Ni-MH or Ni-CD 9V, C or D batteries.

The charger has a LCD display prominently displaying the charging status of the batteries.

Additionally, it also has various charging modes. These include charge, discharge, full, and bad.

The user can manually select the discharge mode through pressing the blue button. Once the battery is completely discharged, it starts charging automatically.

Excluding 9V batteries, it has delta V cut off function to finish charging once the batteries are full. It also features a safety timer control to protect the batteries from overcharging and short circuiting.

It also can detect weak or dead cells in a battery.

There is a little chip inside this charger that works like a microprocessor. This chip converts ithe charging flow from fast charging to slow charging mode to save the life of the battery.


  • Can charge various kinds of batteries including 9v, C and D batteries.
  • Has an LCD display to show charging stats.
  • Supports delta cut off function to save battery from overcharging.
  • Offers various charging modes including discharge and refresh.
  • Has a micro chip to convert charging mode from fast to trickle.
  • Features a safety timer to save from short circuiting.
  • Can charge 4 batteries at a time.
  • Pack includes 4 x C batteries


  • Costlier than many other similar chargers.
  • Takes longer time to charge the batteries that run powerful devices.
  • No USB port
  • Won't charge lithium or alkaline batteries.
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6- Maximal Power FC999 Universal Rapid Charger

Maximal Power FC999 Universal Rapid Charger

Compatible with: Ni-MH, Ni-CD and Alkaline: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

As the name suggests, this charger can charge all kinds of batteries including AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese, and even previously non-rechargable alkaline batteries.

There are high speed charging and discharging ports in this battery charger. It has eight microchips that intelligently monitor the charging and discharging of batteries.

We found that the charging speed of this charger is quite fast and it certainly saves a lot of time. Like many other chargers, the FC999 features a delta cut off function which halts the charging when the batteries are full. It also helps to avoid short circuiting.

Because of its easy to use functions the FC999 is a very popular charger. It has both LCD and LED displays that show the charging statistics of each battery in the charging bay. It also works with 100-240V, and can be used globally.


  • Have both LCD and LED displays to show charging statistics.
  • Can even charge Alkaline previously non rechargeable batteries.
  • Has 8 microchips to intelligently monitor the charging status.
  • Can charge multiple batteries at a time.
  • Has delta cut off feature to protect battery from short circuits and overcharging.
  • Charges most battery sizes including AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Batteries


  • Display is not backlit
  • No discharge mode
  • Batteries not included
  • Doesn't charge li-ion batteries
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7-La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha Power

La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha Power

Compatible with: Ni-MH / Ni-Cd: AA, AAA

There are four bays in this charger enabling it to charge four batteries at a time. It comes equipped with LCD display that shows the capacity of every battery in the bay during and after charging.

It also has four charging modes. These are charge, discharge, refresh, and test. The charger also has smart battery technology to convert its charging from fast to trickle mode when the battery is fully charged, thus prolonging the life of the battery.

There is also a mechanism to detect overheating and this saves the battery from any potential damage from overcharging.

This charger also operates on 100-240V and can be used anywhere and also on the go. At the discharging mode, it discharges the batteries completely and starts charging automatically.


  • Can charge four different batteries at a time.
  • Will automatically convert to trickle mode when the battery is fully charged.
  • Has an LCD display to show the capacity of each battery in the bay.
  • Equipped with smart battery charging technology to save batteries from overheating and overcharging.
  • Operates on 100-240V AC and can be used worldwide.
  • Comes with 1 year official warranty.
  • Includes 4 AA and 4 AAA NiMH rechargeable (shrink-wrapped) batteries
  • Has got 4 modes including refresh and discharge
  • Selectable charging current


  • No USB port
  • Will not charge alkaline or li-ion batteries.
  • Cannot charge 9v, C and D batteries.
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8- NITECORE i8 eight Bays Smart Battery Charger

NITECORE i8 eight Bays Smart Battery Charger

Compatible with: Li-ion / IMR / LiFePO4: 10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 1345, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16500, 16340 (RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 22500, 22650, 25500, 26500, 26650,
Ni-MH / Ni-Cd: AA, AAA, C, D

If you want to purchase a charger with charging support for various batteries, no other charger can compete with the i8, which can charge up to 8 batteries simultaneously.

All of the 8 slots are independent and monitor the charging of batteries. The range of batteries that can be charged with this charger is innumerable.

There are three different charging modes in this battery charger. These are Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge.

Its optimal design makes it compatible with IMR batteries. Its voltage and charging mode change automatically with the charging status of the batteries. The ABS technology used in this battery charger makes it flame resistant. There are three color LED displays that show various charging stats of the batteries.

It also features overcharge prevention that ceases charging when the battery is fully charged. There is also a temperature monitor in this charger to keep the charger cool and protect against reverse polarity.


  • Can charge 8 batteries at a time.
  • All the charging slots are independent and monitor charging status independently.
  • Offers three different charging modes.
  • Have an optimal design to charge IMR batteries.
  • Equipped with LED displays of three different kinds.
  • Charges several lithium ion batteries.
  • Charges C and D batteries


  • Costlier than many other chargers.
  • A little bulky design.
  • Cannot charge alkaline batteries.
  • Will not charge 9V batteries.
  • No discharge / refresh cycling modes
  • Batteries not included
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It is tricky if not impossible to choose a definitive best battery charger, as our candidates cannot be compared like for like due to the different types and sizes of batteries each product charges.

Therefore your personal favorite will likely depend wholly on your own portable power predilections.

In terms of value for money we concluded that the EBL 8 bay battery charger is the best of all because of its minimal price coupled with its undoubted efficiency.

It can charge 8 different batteries simultaneously to save a lot of time and it has four LEDs that show the charging status. And, it beats all the other chargers in terms of cost because it is available at less than the price of a decent pizza.

However, if charging lithium ion batteries is your main goal, the Nightcore i8 does the job, whereas the Maximal Power FC999 will charge your alkalines again and again without you even needing to purchase rechargeables.

And if your goal is to charge as many batteries as possible in the shortest time, look no further than the Tenergy TN438 to meet your needs. No doubt, it can be known as a true Amazon best selling charger - the decision is yours!

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Steve is a gadget enthusiast who's always been intrigued by batteries. The founder and editor of Battery Chargers Info, he's assembled a group of like-minded experts to cover every facet of portable power His aim is to help you learn more about your favorite gadgets and their batteries so you can maximize both their performance and their life. Follow him on Twitter: @batterycharge1

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