Best Battery for Duramax Diesel

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Best Battery For Duramax Diesel

Best Battery for Duramax Diesel Engines

Did your vehicle ever die in an isolated area or let you down on the day you were planning a weekend getaway with your family? These are the kind of instances that make us realize the importance of batteries.

A battery has to be in a functioning state to ensure the proper operation of a vehicle. This is especially true during the winter season when cranking of the engine can be an arduous task.

There are many aspects that to consider when purchasing the battery for a vehicle. Over the years we have witnessed a huge advancement in battery technology.

This means improved battery density and faster charging, catering to the requirements of an array of high-performance diesel vehicles. It becomes necessary to understand the characteristics of the battery in order to make a purchase decision for your diesel vehicle.

Duramax Diesel Engine

Duramax is General Motors’ family of diesel engines for trucks. They are V8 engines with a 32-valve design and high-pressure common rail injection.

The structure and mechanism of the engine are manufactured to ensure the optimum performance of the vehicle. The major attraction is its cylinder block casting which strengthens the bottom of the engine and increases the power of the vehicle.

Duramax has launched many engines specially manufactured to suit the dynamic requirements of various vehicles.

Having a healthy and appropriate battery is necessary to support heavy-duty diesel engines like Duramax. An ordinary heavyweight battery cannot be considered suitable for these diesel-powered engines, so it is necessary to understand the details of the engine and choose correctly.

Following are some constituents of a good battery that can provide the required power and sustain Duramax engines.

Battery Size

The Group size of the battery determines its strength and the higher the battery size, the stronger the engine. Although Duramax engines generally prefer batteries with a group size greater than 48, check the owner’s manual to get the appropriate battery size for the vehicle.

Remember, the larger the battery, the more power it provides, so always choose the largest possible size that will fit your vehicle.

Amperage Hour

Amp hour rating is one of the most important characteristics of a heavy vehicle battery. It is the amount of energy in a battery that will allow the flow of one ampere current in one hour. In order to provide sufficient charge to the engine, the amp hour ratings should be more than 50.

Temperature Sustainability

Duramax diesel engines are manufactured with powerful components that require ample energy from the battery to crank them.

When a hot climate affects the functionality of the vehicle, a battery that can sustain extreme temperature tops the list of features of a good battery. Determine the temperature tolerance rate of the battery before making the purchase.

CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)

Cold Cranking Amps are the number of amperes a battery at 0 degrees Fahrenheit can discharge for 30 seconds while sustaining 1.2 volts per cell. Cold weather can drain the charge, thus it is essential to determine the CCA ratings of the battery.

Standard truck batteries only need between 600-700 CCA, but for huge models of diesel engines like Duramax, your battery must possess higher CCA ratings.

Charging Cycle

Charging cycles are another important trait of an ideal diesel battery. A charging cycle of 400 would be sufficient for a standard heavy-duty vehicle, but Duramax diesel engines require a charging cycle of at least 500 to sustain a durable charge in the vehicle.

After going through the above characteristics, we have lined up three of the most reliable and power-efficient batteries for Duramax diesel engines.

Odyssey PC680 Battery

Odyssey PC680 Battery Odyssey has been in the industry for over 100 years and its range of batteries really stands out from the rest. One of the premier batteries in their range has to be the Odyssey PC680.

The PC680 uses a huge 870 cold cranking amps so you don’t have to worry about cranking the engine on winter mornings.

The battery can handle 400 charging cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge and contains 99.99% pure lead. The lead consists of several super thin plates, meaning a greater surface area, and more power.

The Odyssey PC860 battery is a suitable power source for performance-efficient diesel engines.

Its Absorbed Glass Mat design makes it resistant to shock and vibration.

We like the Odyssey PC680. It is reliable, long-lasting and comes from a brand with an impressive reputation. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the price. This is by far the most competitively priced of our trio, and with the high CCA rating and excellent lifespan, you can’t go far wrong.

Product Features

  • 70% longer life than any conventional deep cycle battery
  • Faster recharge efficiency for any sealed battery
  • Spill and leakproof design
  • Temperature sustainability up to 45 degrees
  • Excellent cranking power in extremely cold weather


Amperage Ratings: 70 Amps
Cold Cranking Amperage: 870 A
Charging Cycles: 400 cycles
Terminal Type: Top Mount
Voltage: 12.0 VDC
Warranty: 2 years free replacement warranty with 3-10 of service life
Product Weight: 15 pounds

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ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery ACDelco is a company of some repute in the automotive industry producing quality batteries catering to advanced diesel engines.

These batteries can be hefty in your pocket but ensure efficient performance that can stand up to the high standards and mechanism of diesel-powered vehicles.

The 94RAGM, in particular, boasts an impressive 800 CCA rating that gives you the surety that irrespective of the extreme weather, your battery will crank the engine.

The sealed Absorbed Glass Mat design provides the enduring outer structure that can ensure its sustainability and becomes an efficient shield that repels shock and vibration.

Unlike the usual alloy plates, these batteries have calcium lead plates that maximize the conductivity and minimize the resistance. This marks the 94RAGM as a leading contender for the crown of best battery for Duramax diesel engines.

Product Features

  • High-density negative paste increases the battery life
  • Silver calcium alloy enhances the charging cycle and increases performance efficiency
  • Envelope separator increases the acid circulation and safeguards the battery from shock
  • The vented cap protects the battery from the acid leak


Amperage Ratings: 45 Amps
Cold Cranking Amperage: 800 A
Terminal Type: Top Mount
Voltage: 12.0 VDC
Warranty: 3 years free replacement warranty
Product Weight: 51.6 pounds

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XS Power D3400 XS Series

XS Power D3400 XS Series Completing our triumvirate in our search for the best battery for Duramax diesel engines is the XS Power D3400.

Although XS are relative newcomers to the market, their commitment to manufacturing performance-oriented and sustainable batteries makes them a promising battery brand.

Their range of batteries is another battery series manufactured using only 99.99% pure virgin lead, which is in contrast to many other batteries which use recycled lead. This means the battery performs fantastically and delivers constant, reliable power.

In addition to ultra-fast recharge and recovery rates, the design of XS Power batteries means that a high discharge current is one of their main features.

A massive 1000 cold cranking amps define everything. With the level of power this battery generates, it can be considered an appropriate choice for Duramax engines.

Its Absorbed Glass Mat structure prevents spillage and leakages and ensures the durable life of the battery.

If you have a bit more to spend and battery quality and performance are important to you, we would recommend the XS.

Aside from its funky appearance, you get real quality and a great sense of reassurance knowing your vehicle is being cranked by a great battery. All of these factors make the XS a sage choice for the battery enthusiast.

Product Features

  • Ultra internal resistance increases the conductivity
  • Spill-proof ad valve regulated the design
  • Faster recharging capabilities
  • Special packaging to ensure safe transportation


Amperage Ratings: 65 Amps
Cold Cranking Amperage: 1000 A
Terminal Type: Top Mount
Voltage: 12.0 VDC
Warranty: 3 years free replacement warranty
Product Weight: 48 pounds

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Best Battery for Duramax Diesel – The Verdict

When you are looking for an ideal battery to support the performance of diesel-powered engines like Duramax, you must be thorough with the characteristics and mechanism of the engine before heading to the market. Make sure you go through every minute detail of the engine before picking up a suitable battery.

In terms of which is best, we would go for the XS Power D3400. However, the other two will also not disappoint.

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