Black and Decker BDCAC202B 20V Lithium 2 Amp Charger Review

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Black and Decker BDCAC202B 20V Lithium 2 Amp ChargerBlack and Decker BDCAC202B

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The Black & Decker brand is among the most reliable in the power tools industry for many reasons.

Power tools are the right combination of durable materials and construction, practical features and functions, and versatile uses, thus, their popularity among DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers and contractors, among other users. These are also known for their reasonable prices, especially in terms of getting good value for your money.

Does the Black & Decker BDCAC202B 20V Lithium 2amp charger meet the standards the company has set for itself?

We have to answer a resounding “Yes!” although there are a few minor hiccups in its design. Let’s take a look at the reasons why we consider it one of the best battery chargers for portable power tools in the market today.

Features of the Black and Decker BDCAC202B 20V Lithium 2 Amp Charger

This battery charger has the following main features:

  • 0 amp output
  • Multi-volt charging feature for 16-volt Max and 20-volt Max batteries
  • Lithium-ion for its battery cell type

The charger has an understated quality about it, partly because of its all-black case with orange markings. You can easily carry it around with its 1.5-pound weight and its handy dimensions (8.2 x 4 x 9 inches) so charging anywhere in your home, workshop and office is possible.

You don’t even have to worry about it standing out too much because of its simple design – then again, battery chargers aren’t supposed to have flashy designs.

The thick black plastic used for the charger’s case seems to be sturdy, too, although we suggest handling it with proper care (e.g., minimize dropping, banging, and denting it) for it to last for several years.

Be careful about sliding in the batteries for charging into the slot so that these will not be damaged prematurely. Like all power tools, proper care and use are a must for getting the best value from the product.

We like the fact that the Black and Decker BDCAC202B has versatile uses in the sense that two types of batteries can be charged in it.

These are the 16-volt Max and 20-volt lithium ion batteries, which should obviously be the slide-on type to fit into the slot. Be sure to check the instruction manual for the specific types of lithium ion batteries that can be used with the charger so as to prevent damaging both of them.

According to the instruction sheet, the charger works with Lithium Ion 20-volt batteries made by Black & Decker with catalog numbers beginning with LB, LBX, LBXR and LB2X.

Common sense

You are well advised to first check the batteries for their catalog numbers before inserting them into the slot. But you can also use your common sense – if the batteries don’t fit, then these probably aren’t compatible with the charger although there may be exceptions.

The charger has another useful feature that we appreciated for making it easier to determine whether the batteries are fully charged or not. On the right side of the case, there are markings that show whether the batteries are charging, in error, or fully charged. You can then take the appropriate action, whether to leave the batteries in or take them out since these are either fully charged or damaged.

This is actually a new version with a 2-amp output capacity. Keep in mind that the actual charging time will depend on two related factors, namely, the size of the battery and the output capacity of the charger.

For this reason, the 45-minute charging time is true but only when the battery being charged has a 1.5Ah rating. Batteries with higher ratings will take longer to become fully charged, such as one hour for a 2.0Ah battery and two hours for a 4.0Ah battery. Be sure to set realistic expectations about the charging time.

Better yet, buy several batteries for your power tools so that while one is charging, the others are being put to work, so to speak. This is particularly true when you have plans of working with your portable power tools all day. You don’t want to put your work on hold while waiting for the batteries to achieve fully-charged status.


  • Fast charging time; in as little as 45 minutes for certain batteries
  • Simple and easy to use with no complicated set-up necessary – just connect to an electrical plug and charge
  • Useful for lithium ion batteries charging
  • Indicators are useful in determining battery status


  • No screw holes at its back for on-the-wall charging


The Black & Decker BDCAC202B is a durable, practical and versatile battery charger that comes highly recommended by its target users.

This is easy to set up and use with several types of batteries, as well as delivers on the desired fast charging times. But be sure to charge only on a flat surface, such as on a table, because it cannot be hung on the wall.

If you’re looking for a basic battery charger for your many Black & Decker power tools, then the BDCAC202B is a great choice.

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