Best stakes for solar lights – The Ultimate Guide

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Best Stakes for Solar Lights

This is our review of Best Stakes for Solar Lights in 2022.

Solar path lights are an attractive source of lighting. They harness the sun so we can barbecue after dark whilst remaining energy efficient.

But what happens if your solar light stakes break?

Luckily, you can still enjoy your outdoor illumination! To help you choose a reliable and dependable stake for your solar-powered lights, we’ve undertaken hours of research and compiled a list of the best ones on the market.

And our pick for the best of the bunch is the Bebrant Solar Replacement ABS Ground Stake.

So without further ado, here are the best replacement stakes for solar lights.

Our Best Stakes for Solar Lights

6 Best Solar Light Stakes Reviewed

Let’s dive in and look at which solar light stakes are on the market now!

1. Bebrant Solar Replacement ABS Ground Stakes

Bebrant spikes are similar in style and function to the Evosummer spikes. So the major thing to go on when choosing between these offers is price and value for money.

Bebrant made earlier spikes from recycled plastic. This was environmentally helpful but compromised durability. These days they use ABS plastic in the same way as many of their contemporaries. Looking from a practical point of view only, this makes for a sturdier stake.

They are a breeze to assemble so you can get your old stakes replaced and pole lights up and running in short order.

Again, though, be mindful that these Bebrant solar light stakes also have a 0.83″ diameter at the widest point. So they will support the most popular pole-borne brands. But remember to double-check the inner diameter of your hole before ordering.

We did think at the time of writing that for only four poles they were a little on the pricey side. If you need more than 4 spikes installed there are cheaper options without much reduction in quality.

And if you need new connectors, you can get them by purchasing a four-pack of connector and pole bundles at the same time.

Or, you can buy the extra poles and connectors if you want to increase the height of your solar lights by a further 12.2 inches.

2. Evosummer Plastic Ground Stakes

Evosummer plastic stakes provide a secure footing on soft surfaces.

They are lightweight spikes. So they will meet your needs even if you have several spikes that need replacement.

They are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. ABS has high tensile strength and will withstand a good hammering into the earth.

Evosummer spikes suit several surfaces, including dirt, gravel and sand. So no matter where you live they will be useful.

And they are easy-install. You only need to slot them together and they are done. Although there is no lip or ridge on them, so just be careful not to lose the whole stake inside your tube.

Before purchasing, make sure that you find out the internal diameter of your pole. These spikes will fit all poles with holes of a 0.83-inch diameter.

So these stakes are compatible with the most lights, including Tomcare, Bebrant, Aityvert, Sunlitec Gold Armour, Ollivage, OxyLED, Topmante, CINOTON, Balight, Ambaret, YULAMP, InnoGear and Woenergy.

A word of caution – while ABS plastic is tougher than recycled plastic, it is not unbreakable. But it will withstand the harshest weather conditions of the winter months, including wet and cold conditions.

3. Shepherd’s Hooks Garden Stakes

Shepherd’s hooks are a different type of stake that are unsuitable for pole-borne lamps.

But, if you have hanging lamps or mason jars and want to create a rustic display in your garden, then they will be right up your street.

I’ve seen these used in a few places now, including at the recent Perennial Power Plant Show. They look great and they are super easy to set up.

And I had no trouble installing them. Thread the hook through the top of the lamp and then the bottom of the hook through the top of the stake. Shepherd’s hooks are adjustable so you can set them at the most pleasing height for you.

They are pretty sturdy as well. The poles are made from powder-coated steel and the stakes from tough ABS plastic. They will withstand all but the most extreme conditions.

Looks-wise, these are our favorites on the list. We can transform an unappealing and boring outdoor area into a vibrant and interesting space.

Bear in mind that the longer the pole, the more unstable it becomes. And the heavier the lamp the more this is accentuated. At longer lengths, the weight of light that these hooks will tolerate is around 2 pounds.

Lamps made from metal and glass are heavier. So tipping may be an issue, especially in windier conditions.

4. Blulu Plastic Solar Light Replacement Stakes

Blulu spikes usually come at a lower price point than the Bebrant stakes. Like the Bebrant stakes, these will also fit most lights. There are different quantity bundles to choose from, depending on your needs. So it is a good opportunity to save money.

There are options available for 8, 16 or 24 spikes. If you have a lot of lights or want to have some spares ‘just in case’, you can make further savings with larger bundles.

Blulu spikes are also ABS plastic, so they will withstand cold temperatures without degrading.

They are also suitable for most major brands with an inside diameter of 0.83″. So these will be an excellent choice for most pole bourne landscape lamps. Before you buy, make sure that you check the inner diameter of your pole hole.

As with the other ABS stakes on the list, they are easy to install and sturdier than ‘normal’ or recycled plastic. But they do break sometimes. So it is useful to have some spares on standby, so you can maintain your lighting without a break.

5. Goodsmann Metal Spikes Replacements

Rather than push-in connectors and holes, Goodsmann replacement stakes use a male thread that is compatible with Malibu solar pathway lights.

The threaded connection is a 3/4 In -14 NPSM male connection. This means that the lights are secure in their attachment to the stakes. So your solar-powered lights will stand straight and secure after you install them.

These spikes are made from diecast rustless aluminum. This means that your stake is durable and corrosion-resistant. So, after you install them, you won’t have to worry about them breaking every few weeks.

Cleated Foot

The cleated foot design ensures that your stake grips well into the ground. As far as stability goes, this is one of the best available.

Also important is that this stake has a cutaway. And that means that it can accommodate wired landscape lights as well as solar. No need to cut the wire and rethread through the stake.

It is also available in more than one size. You can choose between lengths of 7.24 inches or 8.75 inches if your light needs to be secured firmly.

It is important to note that while this is the sturdiest stake that we saw, some users report rare instances of snapping. So I would hesitate to describe these as unbreakable – but certainly the sturdiest we looked at.

6. ORK Path Light Replacement Stakes

The ORK path light replacement stakes are also composed of ABS Plastic. They are suitable for use at Christmas time on Candy Cane lights you bought from Walmart. Or otherwise as basic replacements for the stakes of your landscape lights.

They are available in two sizes, small and large – so you can choose whichever suits you best. Make sure that you measure to find out the size you need. The magic numbers are 0.83″ for the standard size and 0.63″ for the mini version.

The ABS plastic is tougher than regular plastic but still can break sometimes. So, with plastic stakes, it is always an idea to buy more than you need.

But the ABS plastic means that these stakes are appropriate for use in a variety of weather conditions. This includes cold or wet weather.

For ease of use, installing ORK stakes is easy. Fit the stake into the connector and you are good to go.

Having said that, these are a lightweight stake that does a job. For sturdiness, they are like the rest of our bunch. Although they do come in a pack of 8 and, as such, are excellent value for money.

Right+Left has upgraded its stakes. Distinguishing new features include drainage cutaways in the lip of the item. These prevent water from accruing at the base of your lamp. 

Measure the hole of your pole before purchase – these will fit if the inner diameter of the hole is 0.83 inches.

These are solid products that do the job asked of them.

How to Choose the Best Replacement Stake for Solar Lights

Whether you have solar spotlights, flood lights, or your solar lights are simply decorative, it is important to choose something that suits you. Let’s take a look at the most important things that you should consider when choosing your solar light stake.


It is important when purchasing to pay attention to the inner diameter of your landscape light poles. This is the diameter of the holes themselves. Ensure that the holes are equal to or marginally larger than the diameter of the poles you will insert into them. This will swerve unnecessary frustration when re-installing your landscape light poles!

Stake Length

All the stakes that we tested are around the same length. A stake that is too long may be tricky to insert into the ground. Whereas too short may not provide the required stability. Ensure that the main width of the stake in the widest place is not too large. Once again this can cause difficulties with insertion.

Ground Type

There are several different types of ground that you can place a stake into. For example, concrete, clay, sand, earth and so on. So, your stake must be compatible with the ground type you will be staking.

The harder the ground the more durable your stake will need to be. So for installing into a harder ground, metal is preferable to even toughened plastic.

Weight of Light

If the casings of your solar lights are ornate metal, or your light contains real glass, it is a better idea to get a solid metal stake. Otherwise, in bad weather with heavy gusts of winds, your light can sway or even break.


Either metal or plastic are your two options here, and both are good high quality materials. Most plastic versions are made from toughened ABS plastic, which is durable and corrosion resistant. ABS plastic is inexpensive and will withstand most external shocks.

Wood stakes are also available on the market. We do not recommend them, as they can struggle a little more with wet conditions.

Whether you choose steel or plastic stakes you should get at least two to four years of use from them.

Weather Resistance

Your stakes may have to take regular punishment from the weather. They will need to be capable of withstanding wet, cold or snowy conditions.

And your solar lights are weather-resistant, so it is important that your stakes hold up their side of the deal.

Luckily for us, all the stakes that we considered for our list have great weather credentials.

How to Make replacement Stakes for Solar Lights

There are several options to create stakes yourself of varying quality and durability. the easiest and quickest way is to use a wooden dowel.

Buy some wooden dowelling with a diameter of 5/8 inch, or whichever diameter is most suitable for your needs

Cut the dowel into lengths of between 8 and 10 inches. You can then sand the rough edges away to ensure it fits easily into the hole.

Cut to 9-10 inches in length.

Consider shaving or whittling the ground end into a more tapered point for easy insertion.

If you are going to create a new hole, pour water onto the ground to soften it up. Then, start the hole using whatever is handy, for example, a screwdriver or similar.

Next, insert the stake. Use a hammer to knock it right down. But remember to leave around 2-5 inches protruding above the surface.

Then all that remains to do is to slide your pole onto your stake and you are all done. If you are struggling to get the pole on, sand down the end of the dowel until it fits. If your stake is too small or feels a little loose, use material or tape to pad it out and make the connection a snug fit.

If you want something that will last longer, there are several other ways to make a stake.

Other ways include using plastic or copper pipe.

See this example from Jimbo’s Garage


How long do stakes for solar lights last?

Unfortunately the spikes that come with your solar lighting aren’t always the strongest. Therefore, they can be damaged by extreme weather or careless teenagers playing sports. Not to worry though, as you can buy bundles of 8, 16 or 24 inexpensively to make sure you are not caught short.

Where can I buy solar light stakes?

As well as Amazon (see above) they can be purchased from other online retailers, as well as at your local homeware store.


Solar lights are beautiful but are useless without stakes to hold them in place. To ensure that you get the best from your lights, make sure that you have spare stakes to keep them erect. when you have a failure.

The most important takeaway is to ensure that you measure your solar light to ensure that you end up with the correct item.

There are several stakes we have looked at here, but your final choice will depend on what light you have. If you want the best stakes in class for your 0.83″ diameter hole, we recommend the Bebrant Solar Replacement ABS Ground Stakes.

But if you want as many spares as possible for the money, take a look at Blulu Plastic Ground Stakes.

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