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What Is A Battery Charger

What Is A Battery Charger: Battery chargers differ when it comes to the kinds of batteries they are capable of charging, the length of time it takes for them to charge the items, and the manner in which they maintain the batteries.

Batteries are considered an investment, especially when it comes to bigger projects and maintenance jobs like grid solar power systems. What is a battery charger? It is a device that fills up rechargeable batteries so they can be used over and over on electrical gadgets, vehicles, RVs, solar power and more.

Varying kinds of batteries need different charging times. For instance, sealed lead acid, gel, and absorbent glass mat batteries are usually charged at a lower rate of voltage compared to lead acid batteries. This differs, though, based on the manufacturer, hence consumers must always examine the charging voltage needed prior to purchasing batteries and an accompanying charger.

The output current of a battery charger is based on the battery’s condition. A smart charger might supervise the temperature, time and voltage while charging to discover the best charge current at that moment. Charging will stop whenever the temperature, time, or voltage signifies that the battery has undergone a full charge.

What is a Battery Charger and its Types?

You have to know the different types of chargers out there before a purchase. First off, we have the simple charger. The simple charger cannot change its output depending on the battery charge or period. Simple chargers are the most affordable among the bunch; however, it takes a while for them to fully charge a battery. They are also susceptible to damaging batteries because of overcharging.

What is a battery charger that operates using a timer? This kind of charger is known as a timer-based charger. The time would be arranged for a certain battery and then allowed to proceed.

But if lower capacity batteries are charged, they can be overcharged – and in the case of higher capacity batteries were charged, they would only be partially charged. Timer chargers are also prone to not completely charging batteries even with the right capacity for the certain timer charger.

USB Chargers

USB chargers, meanwhile, are utilized to charge electronic gadgets like cell phones. They hook up to the gadget by means of a connection or USB port. They are not really considered battery chargers and thus referred to as power adapters. These units are employed to give a power resource for a charging circuitry confined inside cell phones and electronic gadgets.

USB chargers feature a broad range of voltages and DC connector styles; this is done deliberately so the units are not collectively compatible with each other. This also rings true with varying models from a single manufacturer. For every model, it has its own USB connector.

Next, we have the solar-powered charger. This kind takes energy from sunlight and changes it into DC current. A solar charger is often either a fixed mount model or a portable model.

The fixed mount ones are known as solar panels. These solar panels are hooked up to an electrical grid, while the portable ones are off the grid. Solar chargers can still be used during overcast or cloudy and low-light days.


There are models that can recharge batteries fully; however, they are mostly used for trickle charging. Selections are limited when it comes to solar chargers, but there are great choices out there that are capable of filling your smaller gadgets’ batteries.

Several chargers make use of pulse technology in which a pulse of energy is provided to the battery. A DC pulse charger includes a shape, pulse width, rise time, amplitude, and frequency that are all regulated meticulously.

This kind of technology is known to operate with any voltage, capacity, chemistry, and size of batteries from ones used on automobiles down to valve-controlled batteries. The majority of quality chargers utilize this kind of technology.

What is a battery charger that will best fit your needs? As mentioned in this article, there is a good variety of battery chargers out there that cater to every needand gadget battery. A charger is a unit that is used to provide energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by means of pushing electric current in them.

These days, we rely on batteries to charge most of our electrical units, and they have to be charged regularly and maintained as instructed. Having the proper knowledge about these items will benefit you especially if you want to invest in a quality product.

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