What Size Battery Charger do I Need

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What Size Battery Charger do I Need

What Size Battery Charger Do I Need

Rechargeable batteries and secondary cells can be replenished by means of pushing electric current into those items with the help of a suitable charger. The current that is being charged will be based on the technology and capacity of the battery being used.

The battery charger has certain crucial functions, which is why it is considered an essential item for people who have electronic gadgets and other related units. The charger primarily acquires current into the depleted battery.

The user has to stop the charging procedure as soon as the charging is over and they should also be able to even out the charging rate. What size battery charger do I need, many have asked. This article will further expound on that inquiry.

As soon as the battery has been completely charged, the current charge has dispersed in a sense and this leads to the production of heat and gases that could damage the batteries.

Consumers have to know when to bring the charging procedure to a close as soon as the unit has done its function to prevent damage to both the unit and the battery. Proper charging will also help lengthen the life of a battery. Thus, users have to know the set termination voltage and when this voltage has been achieved.

Overcharging batteries is typically complemented with a surge in the battery’s internal temperature. When this takes place, this means that the battery might have surpassed the safe parameters of its working temperature, and this can harm the item.

Batteries vary when it comes to charging rates and requisites. A slow charge needs the battery to be hooked overnight or for up to 14-16 hours. This procedure, though, has a lesser damaging impact on the battery and will not lead to overcharging.

Faster charging needs 3-6 hours. Whenever the charging rate is boosted, the possibility of overcharging is also amplified. Fast charging would require more complicated chargers, since these chargers are built to accommodate the cell chemistry of that specific battery.

Hence it is not recommended to make use of a charger built to a particular cell chemistry in a battery that has a different one. This can damage the item and further diminish its life.

Finding the Right Size Battery Charger to Suit Your Needs

So what size battery charger do I need for my gadgets? Here are some tips on how to choose a charger that will suit your battery.

1.  Consider the kind of battery you have on hand

If you own an absorbent glass mat or AGM battery, a wet cell, valve regulated lead acid or VRLA battery, or any of those gel cell ones, a single charger can accommodate such types with the exception of the gel kind. But there are certain gel cell chargers out there that will operate perfectly with other kinds of batteries.

2.  Find the size of the battery

When it comes to battery sizes, it does not refer to the physical size of the item. Battery size refers to the number of amp hours the battery can keep. For instance, a standard full vehicle battery has around 50 amp hours, thus users will select a 10-amp charger that will take around 6 hours to charge a depleted battery.

Another example would be a marine deep-cycle battery, which has a rating of 100 amp hours. Used with a 10-amp charger, it will take around 11 hours to charge a depleted battery to a hundred percent complete charge.

To calculate the charging time of your battery, you have to keep in mind to take the battery’s amp hour rating and divide it by the charger’s amp rating, then supplement roughly 10 percent for the additional period.

For individuals who want a faster charging time, they have to look for a charger that bears more amps. However, if you are not always on the go, you can opt for a charger with a smaller amp charge. The thing to remember here is to guarantee that you will have sufficient charger power to perform the work required in the time specified.

3.  Select a charger that depends on your preferred result

There are users out there who need chargers to maintain their car or motorcycle batteries over the course of offseasons. In this event, a low current simple charger is ideal. For people who want to charge a number of batteries all at once, they can go for multi-bank chargers.

People who travel frequently can invest on multi-voltage input chargers while individuals who often have to deal with the elements at work require a waterproof charger model. For people who make use of RVs, a charger that can also serve as a power supply is a good recommendation.

So What Size Battery Charger do I Need?

It will depend on your battery’s quantity of amp hours it is capable of keeping. A good selection of batteries is always on hand for consumers to check out. So you will never have problems finding the one you need.

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