How to Dispose of a Golf Cart Battery: 4 Effective Ways to Protect Your Health and the Environment

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How to Dispose of a Golf Cart Battery

Say goodbye to your old golf cart battery the right way. Our guide on how to dispose of a golf cart battery provides you with the knowledge you need to do it safely.

Do you have an old golf cart battery taking up space in your garage or shed? It can be tough to figure out what to do with it. And the last thing you want is to harm the environment by disposing of it the wrong way.

But don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. As a golf cart owner, I’ve had to deal with this issue myself. And I’ve penned this guide to tell you the best ways to dispose of a golf cart battery.

And I’ll also give you the lowdown on how to remove and transport it the right way. Trust me, you don’t want to mess around with these batteries – these things can be deadly if not handled the right way.

So buckle up and get ready to learn how to dispose of your old golf cart battery like a pro.

Key Takeaways

  • Golf cart batteries require periodic replacement and safe disposal to protect the environment.
  • Recycling batteries supports the economy by reusing valuable materials like lead and plastic.
  • Proper disposal methods include using local drop-off locations, auto parts stores, or hazardous waste facilities.

How to Dispose of a Golf Cart Battery

Let’s take a look at the best options out there.

Option 1: Find a Local Battery Drop-Off Location Online

Finding a local battery drop-off for your old golf cart battery is easier than you might think. This is thanks to online resources like Call2Recycle, Earth911, and iRecycle.

These tools can help you locate nearby recycling programs and hazardous waste facilities. These will accept your golf cart batteries and dispose of them responsibly.

Call2Recycle is a nonprofit organization operating a network of over 25,000 battery collection sites across North America. Simply enter your zip code to find the closest drop-off location.

To get started, visit the website or download the app of your preferred resource.

Once you’re there, enter your location or allow the online tool to access your location data.

Next, select “Batteries” or “Lead-Acid Batteries” as the material type you want to recycle. This will generate a list of nearby battery drop-off locations and recycling centers.

Browse through the list of locations and choose one that suits you.

Before heading over, contacting the drop-off center is a good idea. This is to confirm their hours of operation, acceptance criteria, and fees (if any).

Some facilities may need a small disposal fee or only accept certain types of batteries, so it’s best to double-check these details.

Bring your old golf cart battery to the selected drop-off location and follow their instructions for recycling.

Option 2. Take Your Battery to a Local Auto Parts Store


One convenient way to dispose of an old golf cart battery is to take it to a local auto parts store.

Many popular auto parts retailers offer recycling programs that make it quick and easy to dispose of your used battery responsibly.

Here are some of the options:

  • AutoZone offers free battery testing and recycling at all its locations and gives customers a $10 gift card for each recycled battery.
  • Similarly, Advance Auto Parts provides free battery testing and recycling with a $10 store credit for each battery you bring in.
  • NAPA Auto Parts also offers free battery testing and recycling at most locations, and customers can receive a $5 store credit for each recycled battery.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts also accepts used golf cart batteries for recycling, and you’ll get a $10 store credit for each battery you recycle there.

And remember, if you drop your old batteries into an Auto Parts Store, you could be in just the right place to source replacements if you need them.

Option 3: Take it to your local hazardous waste collection center

google search for local recycling
Google search for local recycling

In addition to auto parts stores, you can also take your used golf cart battery to a designated hazardous waste facility.

These facilities specialize in safely disposing of hazardous materials, including golf cart batteries.

Keep in mind that you may need to pay a small fee for this service, but it ensures the safe and responsible disposal of your battery.

Check out to find your local hazardous waste recycling service. Alternatively, search for your local landfill or recycling center on Google.

Option 4: Get Your Battery Collected For Free

My preferred option whenever I need to get rid of any vehicle battery is to kick my feet up and get it collected. There’s a market out there where people will come to your property and collect your old batteries without you needing to do anything.

You can find these people on Facebook Marketplace and other classified sites like Craigslist or Gumtree. They usually offer this service for free, as they can recycle the batteries for their valuable materials.

Example of Battery Collector on Facebook marketplace
Example of Battery Collector on Facebook marketplace

It’s a convenient option because you don’t have to worry about disposing of the battery yourself. Just reach out to one of these collectors, provide them with your address, and they will come and pick it up.

Make sure to remove any personal information or sensitive data from the battery before handing it over. This way, you can ensure that your old battery is properly recycled and disposed of the right way.

Safely Removing Golf Cart Batteries

When it’s time to dispose of your old golf cart batteries, take the proper steps to ensure you do so safely. Lead-acid batteries, the main type used in golf carts, contain corrosive materials that require careful handling.

In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of safely removing and preparing your old golf cart batteries for disposal.

  1. First, be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and PPE clothing. This reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances. Needless to say, I always avoid wearing my best threads!
  2. Next, turn off your golf cart and remove the key. Disconnect the negative cables first, followed by the positive cables. This order is significant, as it prevents the possibility of any electrical discharge or short circuit.
  3. Now, you’re ready to remove the battery from the vehicle. Using a battery lifting strap or a pair of pliers, grasp the battery firmly and lift it out carefully. Do your best to avoid any unnecessary tilting or dropping of the battery, which may lead to spills or leaks.
  4. Once the battery is out, place it in a sturdy plastic container or a cardboard box lined with plastic bags. This helps to contain any potential acid spills during transportation.

As you complete this process, keep a solution of water and baking soda nearby. This mixture is useful for neutralizing any accidental battery acid exposure. If you come into contact with battery acid, wash the area with water and baking soda solution.

Storing Your Old Battery

To store your old golf cart battery safe and sound, take precautions until you’re ready to dispose of it. Proper storage of old batteries is crucial for safety and the environment.

Make sure you store your old battery in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Keep it away from heat sources, sparks, flames, children, and pets. Extreme temperatures or humidity can lead to leakage or damage. So, it’s essential to choose a suitable storage location.

Next, it’s a good idea to cover the battery terminals with electrical tape or plastic caps to prevent short circuits or corrosion. This is an important step to keep the battery safe while in storage.

And finally, don’t forget to check the battery from time to time for signs of leakage or damage. If you notice any spills, clean them up using a mixture of baking soda and water. This neutralizes the acid and prevents further damage or corrosion.

Replacing the Battery

Replacing your old golf cart battery with a new one might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! By following some simple steps, you’ll have your cart up and running in no time.

Find a new battery stack that matches the voltage, amperage, size, and type of your old one.

It’s not a bad idea to clean the battery cables and terminals with a wire brush. To prevent corrosion, you can also apply a bit of petroleum jelly to the terminals. With everything prepped and ready, it’s time to install the new battery.

Carefully place your new golf cart battery into the battery compartment. Make sure it fits snug and secure. use clamps or cords to hold it in place if necessary.

Now, let’s get those cables connected!

Attach the positive cable first, followed by the negative cable. This order avoids any sparks or short circuits.

Lastly, turn on your golf cart and test the new battery’s performance and charge level. If everything seems to be running okay and the charge level is where it should be, congratulations!

You’ve successfully replaced your old golf cart battery with a new one and are ready to hit the course. Just remember to keep an eye on your new battery’s charge and perform regular maintenance to keep it in great condition.

Recycling Your Used Golf Cart Batteries is Also Great For the Environment

Did you know recycling your old golf cart batteries reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Not only that, it saves energy and conserves natural resources. It’s true!

Recycling lead-acid batteries has a significant impact on the environment. It prevents the release of 2.9 million tons of lead and 1.3 million tons of sulfuric acid into the environment per year. That’s a huge amount of harmful substances that could otherwise leak into the soil and water. This can potentially cause long-term damage.

And recycling one tonne of lead from lead-acid batteries can save around 1.4 to 1.8 MWh of energy.

Another benefit of recycling your batteries is that it reduces the need for mining new lead. Mining causes several problems. Soil erosion, water pollution, and health risks are major concerns.

Recycling batteries promotes a sustainable supply chain and reduces demand for fresh lead.

Why not throw the batteries in the trash

You might wonder why you can’t just throw away old golf cart batteries in the trash. Well, disposing of them that way is not only illegal but also dangerous. Let’s dive into some of the risks and consequences of tossing old golf cart batteries into the trash.

Remember we talked about the harm batteries can do to people and the environment? Well, it’s no joke. Exposure to lead can cause various health issues. These include irritability, anemia, and neurological disorders. Acid can lead to burns and other physical injuries.

exploding garbage truck
Artist impression of exploding garbage truck!

Golf cart batteries can cause fires and explosions if they are crushed, punctured, or exposed to heat or sparks. So throwing them in waste baskets, dumpsters, or household recyclables is very dangerous. They could cause harm to waste workers or even fires and environmental damage.

So, putting them in the trash is not an option.

Before You Go …

Before you go, I want to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle your golf cart battery. You’ve learned how to dispose of it safely, but do you know how to keep the next one charged and in good condition?

If you’re tired of constantly replacing your golf cart battery, then you need to read our next article, “How Do Golf Cart Battery Chargers Work? Unlock the Secrets of These Game-Changing Devices.

You’ll discover the common mistakes people make when charging their batteries and how to avoid them. Don’t let a dead battery ruin your golf game. Read on to learn how to keep your new battery running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the FAQs

Where can I recycle my golf cart battery?

You can find local battery drop-off locations through websites like Recycle Nation and Call2Recycle. These online services will help you locate facilities nearby just by entering your zip code.

Are there any special disposal methods for golf cart batteries?

It’s important to handle lead-acid golf cart batteries carefully due to the hazardous materials they contain. When disposing of the batteries, ensure the battery terminals are covered with a non-conductive material to prevent short circuits. It is best to recycle these batteries at a designated facility rather than discard them in regular trash.

Can I get money for recycling old golf cart batteries?

Certain battery recycling facilities may provide compensation for turning in old batteries, as the lead and plastic materials within can be recycled and reused. Check with your local recycling centers about any financial incentive for recycling golf cart batteries.

Do automotive stores accept golf cart batteries for recycling?

Yes, some auto parts stores, like AutoZone, accept golf cart batteries for recycling. Bring your old battery to a participating store, and they will help you properly dispose of it.

Is it safe to dispose of a lithium golf cart battery?

Lithium golf cart batteries require special handling when it comes to disposal. Do not discard them in regular trash or mix them with other battery types. It is essential to contact your local recycling center to inquire about the safe disposal of lithium batteries.

What precautions should I take when handling used golf cart batteries?

When handling used golf cart batteries, always wear gloves and eye protection to prevent exposure to toxic materials. Avoid carrying batteries by the terminals, and make sure the terminals are covered to reduce the risk of short circuits. Never dispose of lead-acid or lithium batteries in regular trash bins—always go for proper recycling services.

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