6 Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools – How to Choose the Right Fit For You

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Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools

We all love our power tools, right? And cordless are the best. But we don’t think enough about our beloved tools and what to do when the charger gives out. That’s why I have written Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools as a helpful guide for when our chargers need replacing.

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Rechargeable batteries are great for use with our power tools. In days gone by we all struggled to complete household tasks with corded tools. A huge problem if the electricity needs to be off at the same time!

Battery-run tools have superseded these archaic devices. And rechargeable batteries save you time and money as well. But these chargers will only work if they’re compatible with your batteries. So how do you figure out which is which given all the choices that are available?

I know how difficult it can be to find the right charger with so many options. That’s why I decided to write best Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools.

I have spent 26 hours researching the six top battery chargers. If you’re unsure which battery charger to get, continue reading.

Our Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools

6 Best Garden Battery Chargers for Power Tools Reviewed

Let’s dive into the Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools

1. Black & Decker BDCAC202B 20V Lithium 2 Amp Charger

The BDCAC202B is a 2 amp charger designed for use with Black + Decker’s 20 Volt MAX range. With this device, you’ll be able to charge batteries fast. And its 2.0 amp output isn’t bad at all. It is compatible with all 12, 16, and 20-volt MAX Black + Decker lithium-ion batteries.

Once you’ve plugged in the battery the unit does the rest. The BDCAC202B has a maintenance mode. So if you want to set and forget, you can do so without harming the battery.

The LED system tells you what is going on at any moment. Green flashing, and you know your battery is charging. Solid green and the battery is completely charged. If you are unlucky enough to get a red flashing light your battery is weak or broken and should be replaced.

It is also better for the most part than the batteries that come with the tools themselves. For instance, if you buy a leaf blower the B+D charger that it comes with will likely be of a lesser amperage. Maybe around 500 milliamps. So it makes sense to buy a more powerful, quicker charger for your overall use.

Performance-wise, the BDCAC202B doesn’t disappoint. The claim that it charges in 45 minutes or less is true for 1.5 Ah batteries. For 2.0 Ah batteries, it’s going to take an hour. Charging time for a 4.0 Ah may take up to two hours. But that’s still decent when you consider the performance of other battery chargers.

Safety is also important, both for yourself and the battery. Excessive heat can reduce the lifespan of your battery. The BDCAC202B has a temperature sensor that will suspend charging if the battery is too hot or too cold. This is the Hot Cold Delay function, which also has an LED indicator light to let you know what is going on.

Wherever you use it, the BDCAC202B charges fast. A minor gripe is that there is no USB port, so it can’t charge mobile devices. But for its designated equipment the BDCAC202B works great. So you don’t have to wait for an age for your batteries to charge anymore.


  • Designed for both 16 and 20-volt batteries so you don’t need a separate charger.
  • Excellent for blowers, weed eaters, and other gardening equipment like grass clippers.
  • This is a lithium-ion charger.
  • The charger takes less than one hour to fully charge most types of batteries.

  • Works with 16 and 20-volt batteries
  • Durable design
  • Charges fast


  • Cannot charge smartphones


The Black & Decker BDCAC202B is a well-constructed battery charger. It takes less than an hour to charge most batteries and is compatible with a range of equipment and devices. If you’re always using 16 and 20-volt batteries then you’ll like this one.

2. BLACK + DECKER L2ACF-OPE 20V MAX Lithium Ion Fast Charger

The Black and Decker MAX Lithium Ion Fast Charger does exactly that. It charges fast. Black + Decker has a huge range of power tools for almost any home improvement task you can dream of.

And instead of having a different battery for each tool, you have a single battery for all. The B+D 20 Volt MAX battery is compatible with all of your 20 Volt MAX Black+Decker tools. In terms of economy and storage space, this makes a lot of sense. Not to mention having a single battery shared between tools is good news for the environment.

If you use a lot of battery-hungry power tools this neat charger is a decent fit. It quickly recharges your battery so you can get on with the job.

If you are like me you will have several Black & Decker tools which you use on the same day or even on the same job. And the charging time of 45 minutes means that between jobs I can sit with a cuppa while my battery recharges. Then I slot the fully charged battery into a different tool for a different job and off I go.

Or, if you have used up one battery, have a dual battery system on the go like me. I have two batteries. So while I am using one battery, the other is on charge. So if I am feeling like a DIY machine, I can complete all my jobs for the day with no break. I feel safe in the knowledge that I always have a fully charged battery.

There is no shortage of battery charging systems using the same modus operandi. And if you have a lot of tools with integrated batteries you can spend time and brain space keeping each one charged.

This charger (2013) has been superseded to an extent by the more modern BDCAC202B (2015). But it is still available and is still a viable option.

Black & Decker beats most other chargers for features and efficiency. Add in durability and you’ve got a winning combo. If you choose to go with B&D you’ve got a solid charging device on your hands.

I particularly like that this device is compatible for use with 16 Volt and 20 Volt batteries. This increases the range of tools that the device is useful for.

Its 2 Amp output will charge your battery in a snappy 45 minutes. And in terms of build quality, it is lightweight but solid.

I also liked the LED light system for monitoring the progress of your charge. It means that you know the score with only a glance.

And if wall mounting your battery charger is your thing, this is easily done with two simple screws or nails.


  • Built for use with slide batteries. It takes less than 40 minutes to fully charge slide-pack batteries.
  • Automatic maintenance mode that allows the batteries to last longer.
  • The charger is portable and wall mountable.

  • Reliable charging
  • Slide battery charging is quick
  • Compatible with 16 and 20 volt batteries


  • Charge time can vary with other tools


The Black & Decker MAX Lithium Charger is one of the better units the company has manufactured. It charges a wide range of tools so compatibility isn’t a problem. Add in the fact that it’s made by Black & Decker, and you’ve got a solid charging device on your hands.

3. Ryobi P128 Upgrade Kit: Intelliport 18V Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Ryobi tools are well-made, robust tools that plenty of folks swear by. And they have released a stream of battery chargers compatible with their tools.

The P128 doesn’t disappoint if Ryobi tools are your preference. It has a 2 amp charger, so it is pretty quick to fill those batteries back up.

Ryobi P128
Ryobi P128

In terms of performance, it takes under an hour to charge Ryobi batteries, which is no mean feat. The Smart Port Technology means that the device actually assesses the battery so that it can learn its capacity and how much charge is remaining.

The actual real-time capacity of a battery varies depending on age and condition. This makes some chargers obsolete, not reacting to the condition of the battery. The P128 is different, as it takes into account the decline of the battery when displaying its stats. It then charges accordingly. Which is no more than you would expect from Ryobi. The digital power gauge is pretty funky as well. And the P128 also powers down when it has finished charging – so no need to worry about any overcharging.

And, like the B+D chargers, the Ryobi can sit there with the charged battery connected. As the battery depletes, the Smart Turn will blink into life and charge the battery back to the top. The charger itself looks like a big Tonka toy and is a robust unit. It looks like it will last several years.

For compatibility, the device works with all Ryobi 18 Volt tools.

If you have a set of Ryobi tools this charger is undeniably handy. And having one battery for several tools is a stable and sustainable way to improve your home.

Although Ryobi designed the P128 for its newer tools you can still use it to charge the old NiCad batteries. But that is a homage to the forethought of the designers, as no tool is left behind.

So if you have a collection of Ryobi tools, it is certainly worth giving the P128 a go.


  • The charger is compatible with blue Ryobi tools.
  • Its Smart Port technology informs the device the remaining charge in the battery.
  • The charger turns the unit off automatically to avoid overheating.

  • Compatible with Ryobi One tools
  • Fast charging
  • Safety features built in


  • No support for 220 V


Ryobi One has a reputation for its quality tools, and this battery charger is right up there. With its high reliability, the Ryobi One is one of the more intelligent battery chargers. It deserves its place in our Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools.

4. DEWALT DC9310 7.2-Volt-18-Volt 1-Hour Charger

Are you a user of Dewalt power tools? Well, if you are you will be more than aware of how effective they are. Now Dewalt has released a battery charger that will ensure that they stay that way. Like some of the others I looked at, the DC9310 is a solid charger that should provide many years of charging. Make no mistake, the DC9310 is made for long-term use.

Dewalt DC9310 Fast Charger

One of the best things about the device is its compatibility. It is equally capable of charging the 18 Volt NiCD and NiMH batteries, amongst others. The other major benefit for all DC9310 users is its speed. It is a fast charger and its times come in under the hour.

The DC9310 is also built with convenience in mind. With other battery chargers, it takes a long time to charge a tool. Not much waiting around here as you can save time and increase productivity. There is also an indicator built in so you can keep an eye on the charging process. With the LED indicator, you can monitor how much charge remains, as well as if the battery is too cold or hot.

The indicator tells you if the DC9310 is still charging, has finished charging, if there’s a power line problem, and so on. A quick glance at the LED light will tell you exactly what is going on.


  • Designed for use with different types of Dewalt tools.
  • Charging time for most batteries is less than an hour
  • Compatible with Dewalt 7.2 and 18-volt tools.
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Charging time may vary with old batteries


The Dewalt DC9310 is portable and easy to use. It is also one of the most durable battery chargers available and its charge time is quick. Bottom line: this is a high-quality battery charger that works as it should. It is nothing fancy but as far as quality goes it’s up there with the best of them.

4. Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station

The Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station is a must if you use Milwaukee tools. This station can charge three M12 batteries at the same time and can do the same with M18s as well. And the charging time is rapid. Milwaukee's flagship charger can charge your batteries 40% faster than previous methods.

Milwaukee 48-59-1807
Milwaukee 48-59-1807

This means that an M18 battery, which took an hour to charge before, can charge in under 40 minutes. That is enough time to eat your lunch and then you can go again. This is a game changer for the building site and for the productivity of your team.

I tested this on a Red Lithium XC battery. Before, this battery took two hours to charge from empty. But the rapid charger came in at 57 minutes, a saving of 45%.

Do bear in mind that it can only charge 3 batteries at once rather than six. But if you have a team working on a project you can still charge all six batteries in one hour 37 minutes. If you were to do this with a single charger you would be looking at over eight hours for the lot.

An increase in Amp output for the 48-59-1807 explains this. Whereas the previous single chargers put out three amps, the 48-59-1807 puts out 6 Amps for M18s and 4.5 Amps for the M12s.

The 48-59-1807 is suitable for wall mounting, so you can mount it in a location handy for your work area. And its installation as such couldn't be easier. Insert two screws in the wall with the correct distance between them and the unit hangs on them. Its pass-through plug ensures ease of use and convenience.

Its LED battery gauge means that you can check the charge level of each battery with a glance. And, for safety, it has an integral fan that keeps your batteries cool during the charge. This is great because if a battery gets too hot during the charge, it can shorten its life span.

For compatibility, the charger will charge Milwaukee's Red Lithium and XC batteries. So most Milwaukee tools are covered.

This station also scores well for durability. Its construction is robust. It will withstand the hard knocks that it will sustain during its lifetime.

We were less pleased with the price. Not saying that it isn't worth the money, because generally speaking, you get what you pay for. But coming in at approx $200 at the time of writing, it can't be described as budget or cheap.


  • High Amperage output for extra fast charging
  • Easy-to-read LED battery gauge
  • A truly robust device
  • Easy to wall mount
  • Compatible with several Milwaukee batteries


  • Not cheap

6. Makita DC18RD 18V Lithium-Ion Dual Port Rapid Optimum Charger

The Makita DC18SF 18V Lithium-Ion Rapid Optimum Charger is a charger for Makita 18V LXT batteries. It has a two-port design, allowing you to charge two batteries at once. This can be especially useful if you have Makita tools that use 18V batteries.

And if you use any of Makita's 36 Volt DIY or garden tools, which take two 18V batteries, the dual charger is a lifesaver.

It uses Rapid Optimum Charging tech. This finesses the charging process, giving faster charging times and longer battery life. The charger detects the condition of the battery and charges accordingly. This is thanks to the chip inside the battery. It ensures that you can charge your batteries in a way that is both safe and efficient.

One of the things I appreciate about this charger is its compact size. It is a snug fit in a tool bag or on a shelf, and it is lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Of course, you lose a little durability here. This is not flimsy by any means. But there isn't much weight behind it, unlike the Milwaukee, which is tank-like.

Another thing it has is a USB for device charging, It is only a minor thing in the scheme of things, but I appreciate it. It is useful sometimes.

And its in-built fan dissipates the heat produced by the charging. This enables rapid charge but also prolongs the life of the battery.

The DC18SF also has several safety features to protect the charger and the batteries. It has overloading, over-discharging, and overheating protection. This is as well as short circuit protection. So you can feel reassured that plenty of thought has gone into protecting you and your batteries.

One thing that I liked a little less is that it lacks a way to easily attach to the wall. Now, if you are taking it out from job to job this won't be a problem. But if you go full Makita and want to attach it to the wall of your garage, this presents an obstacle. This is solvable by removing the rubber feet and replacing them with 8 mm dowel. Then fix to 3/4 inch MDF or plywood and mount on the wall. So, it is by no means insurmountable, but something to consider.

If you have Makita 18V LXT batteries and are in need of a new charger, this is definitely worth considering. It is a great charger for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts.


  • Rapid Optimum Charging tech for faster charging times.
  • Two ports for simultaneous charging
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Built-in fan and other safety features


  • Only compatible with Makita 18V LXT batteries
  • The fan can be quite noisy.
  • Not easily wall mounted

Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools - Final Verdict

There are a lot of things we take for granted, and one of those is our dependence on battery-powered devices. From cars to tools, we spend a good deal of money buying batteries, using them up just as quickly. That’s why it is so important to have a battery charger so you’ll be able to keep using that battery.

That’s why I felt it was important to write Best Battery Chargers for Power Tools. Hopefully, by narrowing the list down to these devices, you’ll have an easier time figuring out which to buy, and you’ll be happy with whichever you choose.

The other thing we have to point out is that most of these are lighter than other battery chargers. This is actually a good thing because it means you won’t have a problem carrying them around. The units are also durable so you can use them for an extended period. So if you’re looking for a battery charger that will help you get the most from your tools, take your pick here.

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