Who Makes Vector Battery Chargers? The Answer May Surprise You

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who makes vector battery chargers

Who makes Vector Battery Chargers? Find out who makes these chargers: they charge most 12-volt batteries, including AGM, GEL, and WET.

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Are you tired of dealing with low-quality battery chargers that fail to deliver when you need them most? Or has your old charger died, and you want to see what’s out there?

If you’re ready to upgrade to a reliable battery charger to keep up with your active lifestyle, you may wonder: who makes Vector Battery Chargers? The answer is Baccus Global LLC.

In this article, I’ll take a dive into Vector Products, look at some of their range, and the features that make their battery chargers stand out.

So, don’t let your curiosity run out of juice – read on to find out all about Vector Battery Chargers.

Who Makes Vector Battery Chargers – Who Are Vector Products?

Vector Products is a subsidiary of Baccus Global LLC. Baccus designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality power tools and accessories.

Baccus Global uses the Vector Products brand for its power tools and accessories. These include jump starters, inverters, spotlights, air compressors, and battery chargers. 

Baccus Global sells these products under different brands. These include DeWalt, CAT, Black+Decker, and Stanley.

The company’s web address is www.baccusglobal.com. The business is in Boca Raton, Florida. It sells products worldwide through distributors and retailers.

Vector Products is a leading player in the U.S., offering a range of smart battery chargers. It gained a U.S. patent for its advanced technology. Their range includes automatic chargers, like the BC15BV 15 Amp Automatic 12V Charger. This example is not only a regular charger. It can also give a quick boost to a vehicle’s power to start in under a minute.

Vector Products’ Products

Vector Products creates automotive portable power solutions. They create top-notch battery chargers that keep vehicles running. One of their notable offerings is the Smart Battery Charger Series. These provide safe and efficient charging of vehicle batteries.

Customers know the Vector battery chargers for their innovative features and technology. The BC15BV charger chooses the best charge rate and adjusts from fast to slow charging. This helps the battery last longer and works well in cold or hot temperatures. It also provides a 50-amp engine start, giving a quick power boost to start vehicles in just 60 seconds.

As well as the Smart Battery Charger series, they also make other chargers, like the VECTOR VEC080. The battery charger has a quick disconnect harness and safety features to consider. It charges at two amps or 1 amp.

Vector Products’ chargers are available from various retailers, including Amazon. The VECTOR 1.5 Amp Battery Charger charges and maintains 6V and 12V batteries, making it a popular choice.

Battery Charger Features

Vector chargers have a range of features that simplify charging and maintaining batteries. These features also improve efficiency. In this section, let’s take a look at some features that make Vector chargers stand out.

Digital Display

One key feature of Vector battery chargers is the digital display. The LED display is easy to read and shows information about the battery’s charging status. It also shows the charging current and any issues that may happen while charging. It means that I can see the battery’s condition and make clear choices about charging.

Many Vector chargers, such as the BC15BV, are part of the Smart Battery Charger Series. Meaning that they come equipped with advanced diagnostic features and technology. They can choose the best charge rate for a battery and switch between fast and slow charging. And that is only good news for the health of your battery.

Vector chargers provide clean and efficient energy to the battery while charging. They have a pure DC output. This helps the charger work well and makes the battery last longer.

The Vector battery chargers can also charge different types of batteries. Their range includes 6V and 12V batteries and AGM, GEL, and WET battery systems. The BM315V 1.5 Amp Battery Charger is an example of this.

Vector prioritizes safety and ensures that its chargers meet UL-listed standards for safety.

Vector chargers charge batteries and provide diagnostic features to identify potential issues. Battery fault codes notify users of issues like short circuits or open circuits. So you can intervene fast and head off any problems.

Vector chargers, such as the BC15BV, have a feature to check the alternator voltage. It checks if the alternator is providing enough power to the battery.

Best Vector Battery Chargers

Let’s look at some of Vector’s most popular products.

VECTOR SS6LV 1200 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter Battery Booster


  • Manufacturer: VECTOR
  • Peak amps: 1200
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 18,000 mAh
  • USB ports: Type C and Type A
  • USB output: 5V / 2.1A
  • LED light: Yes
  • Smart cables: Yes
  • Smart cables controller: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Charging adapters: 120V AC/USB and 12V DC/USB
  • Charging time: Approximately 6 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

If you need a jump starter that’s reliable and easy to carry, choose VECTOR SS6LV. It has a variety of charging options.

I tried out my VECTOR SS6LV jump starter battery booster, and I’m impressed with it. This handy device has the potential to be a lifesaver in a variety of ways. Can it jump-start my car? No problem! Can it charge my phone? You bet! My laptop? Yes sir!

When I first got this VECTOR jump starter, charging it to 100% capacity took a little time. But, once charged, it is a reliable and trustworthy power source. I’ve used it to jump-start my car and my brother-in-law’s van and even helped my neighbor out of a spot of bother. This little powerhouse hasn’t let me down.

One feature I properly appreciate is the various USB charging options. I don’t worry about finding a place to charge my devices anymore. The USB-A and USB-C ports give me power whenever I need it. Plus, the LED work light has proven to be handy during nighttime emergencies, like the time I had to unwrap a rabbit from my front axle at 3 a.m. on the highway.

The main drawback is that the SS6LV needs periodic charging to maintain peak performance. You need to monitor the battery level and recharge it when you need to. So don’t toss it into the trunk and forget about it because you could be in for a disappointment. But the charging adapters make for convenient recharging from almost anywhere.

The VECTOR SS6LV 1200 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter Battery Booster exceeded my expectations. Its compact design, powerful jump starting, and versatile charging make it a thoroughly useful tool.


  • Powerful 1200 peak amps for jump-starting
  • Versatile USB charging capabilities
  • Compact design and easy to store


  • Powerful 1200 peak amps for jump-starting
  • Versatile USB charging capabilities
  • Compact design and easy to store

VECTOR 1200 Peak Amp Jump Starter, PPRH5V


  • Manufacturer: VECTOR
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Product weight: 18 pounds
  • Peak amps: 1200
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 18,000 mAh
  • AC output: 500 watts via battery clamps or 120 watts with the 12V DC plug
  • USB ports: Type C and Type A
  • USB output: 5V / 2.1A
  • Air compressor: 120 PSI 
  • LED light: Yes
  • Smart cables: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Charging adapters: 120V AC/USB and 12V DC/USB
  • Charging time: Approx 6 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

A helpful choice for a versatile jump starter with added benefits like an air compressor and USB charging.

I used the VECTOR jump starter recently on an extended road trip, and the first thing I noticed was its convenient design. This all-in-one unit has a powerful 1200 peak amp jump starter capable of jump-starting cars and trucks with up to 8 cylinders. Did I mention? It comes with a 120 PSI air compressor, too. Handy, right?

One thing that sets this apart from other jump starters is the built-in 500W inverter. As well as the phone charging capability, you can even use it to power small appliances. On the downside, it was a bit cumbersome to lug around due to its 18.7-pound weight.

Vector PPRH5V

The built-in digital display of the VECTOR makes it easy to check the unit’s status. The air compressor has a 10-minute auto shut-off timer, which prevents overinflation and heat damage. But remember, this device might not be the best option for continuous use – it’s perfect for emergencies and occasional use.

So, would I recommend the VECTOR 1200 Peak Amp Jump Starter? Absolutely! It’s versatile and offers a range of handy features, including jump-starting, air inflation, and USB charging. Just be prepared to handle its weight and consider it more for on-demand situations than prolonged use.


  • 1200 peak amps for powerful jump-starting
  • 500W inverter to power small appliances
  • Built-in 120 PSI air compressor


  • Somewhat bulky and heavy
  • Not ideal for extended use
  • 3.5-star rating (from a small sample size)

VECTOR 1.5 Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger, BM315V, 6V and 12V, Fully Automatic


  • Manufacturer: VECTOR
  • Input voltage: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Output voltage: 6V DC or 12V DC
  • Output current: 1.5A DC
  • Battery type: 6V/12V lead-acid batteries (AGM/GEL/WET)
  • Battery capacity: 4Ah – 120Ah
  • LED indicators: Power, 6V, 12V, Charging, Full, Fault
  • Cable length: 6 feet
  • Cable clamps: Powder-coated metal clamps with reverse polarity protection
  • Ring terminals: Quick-connect ring terminals with fuse protection
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

So, this VECTOR charger is a good choice if you’re on a budget but still need something reliable.

I really wanted to get my hands on this BM315V battery charger. I love chargers that can power different voltages, and this one works great with 6V and 12V batteries. It is flexible, too, and compatible with AGM, GEL, and WET batteries.

I love how this charger can function as a battery maintainer. When I’m not using my battery for a long time, I’m glad the trickle charger keeps it charged. I know that when I come back to it, my battery will be ready for action.

The smart charging capability stands out. What’s great is that it knows when to stop charging or switch to float mode. This prevents overcharging and protects my battery. The circuit protection makes it even safer. That prevents reverse polarity and short circuits.

Vector BM315V
Vector BM315V

But, the green light indicating a full charge can be confusing. Sometimes, even when charged, it continues to flash, when full charge should be a solid continuous light. The charger still works fine. But people who rely on indicators need to know.

Everyone knows that VECTOR rebrands its charger from Black and Decker. That said, both have the same level of performance and durability. To me, the brand name matters less than how well the product works. And in this case, the performance is still impressive.

Some users said their batteries died even when plugged into the charger. Although I didn’t experience it, be vigilant for issues after buying and take action if needed.


  • Compatible with 6V and 12V AGM/GEL/WET batteries
  • Maintains battery charge during inactivity
  • Smart charging with built-in safety features


  • Mixed green light feedback on full charge
  • Rebranded from Black and Decker
  • Reports that the battery may still die while connected.

Before You Go…

Before you go, make sure you’re getting the most out of your Jumpstarter. If you’re not properly using and storing it, you could shorten its lifespan and reduce its effectiveness.

That’s why we recommend reading our next article, “Is It Safe to Leave a Jump Starter in Your Car? A Quick Guide for Drivers.”

With expert advice and practical tips, this guide will teach you how to maximize your jump starter’s performance and ensure it lasts for years to come. Don’t miss out on this essential information – read on to become a jump-starter pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the FAQs

Who manufactures Vector battery chargers?

Vector makes battery chargers known for their excellent quality. The parent company is Baccus Global LLC.

What are the main features of Vector battery chargers?

Vector battery chargers offer various features. The features are automatic charging, compatibility with different battery systems, and LED displays that are easy to read. Some chargers, like the BC15BV model, also provide a 50 Amp Engine Start function for a quick boost of power.

Are Vector battery chargers suitable for both 6V and 12V batteries?

Vector has battery chargers for 6V and 12V batteries, like the BM315V model. These chargers can charge and maintain batteries for gas or diesel engines.

What is the power capacity of Vector battery chargers?

The power capacity of Vector battery chargers varies based on the model. For example, the BC15BV charger offers a 15 Amp Automatic 12V charging capacity. In contrast, the BM315V charger provides a 1.5 Amp charging capacity.

How do I use a Vector charger to jump-start a vehicle?

To jump-start a vehicle using a Vector battery charger, like the BC15BV model, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the charger to the vehicle’s battery.
  2. Make sure to follow all safety precautions.
  3. Select the engine start function and wait for 60 seconds before attempting to start the vehicle.

Always consult the user manual for step-by-step instructions and safety guidelines.

Where can I find a user manual for my Vector battery charger?

User manuals for Vector battery chargers can be found on the Vector official website’s product page. Look for your charger model and click the “Manual” link to access the PDF document.

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