Will AAA Come to My House to Jump Start My Car? Read our Ultimate Guide!

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Will AAA Come to My House to Jump Start My Car

Will AAA come to my house to jump start my car? A dead battery is no big deal with AAA. Explore how they can solve your car troubles in a flash.

If you’re a car owner, you probably don’t think about your car battery until it’s too late. You turn the key, but nothing happens. Your car won’t start. Your battery is dead. You’re stuck. You’re angry. You’re behind schedule. I’ve been there, and I didn’t like it.

So, will AAA come to my house to jump-start my car? The answer is yes, AAA does offer jump-start services for members, including at your home.

But it’s not that straightforward. You need to be aware of some limitations as well as the benefits. These include the availability, cost, coverage, and alternatives.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about AAA’s jump-start service and how to use it effectively. This is important information that could save you a lot of trouble and money, so keep reading!

Membership TierAnnual CostKey Differences
Classic$64.99Provides up to 4 service calls per year, including towing up to 3 miles. Offers vehicle locksmith services up to $50.
Plus$99.99Provides up to 4 service calls per year, including towing up to 100 miles. Offers vehicle locksmith services up to $100. Free delivery and enough fuel to reach the nearest filling station.
Premier$124.99Provides up to 4 service calls per year, including one tow up to 200 miles. Offers vehicle locksmith services up to $150 and home locksmith services for up to $100. Free delivery and enough fuel to reach the nearest filling station.

Please note that these prices and benefits are subject to change and may vary by location. It’s always a good idea to check with AAA for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Key Takeaways

  • AAA does offer jump-start services for members, including at your home
  • Different membership plans provide varying levels of benefits and coverage
  • AAA also provides battery testing and replacement services for additional support

Will AAA Come to My House to Jump Start My Car?

Yes, AAA will come to my house to jump-start my car! They offer 24/7 roadside assistance, including jump starts for dead batteries.

When my car doesn’t start, I can call AAA for help. They will send a professional to my location, whether I’m at home or on the road. The technician will test my battery and attempt to jump-start my vehicle.

Sometimes, replacing a dead battery is better than jumping it. If my battery fails the test, AAA can install a new battery right there in my driveway. They’ll even recycle the old one for me.

To request help, I can call their hotline, tap the AAA mobile app, or visit their website. AAA has me covered, giving me peace of mind when I need it most.

AAA Roadside Assistance Services

AAA offers a number of services when you’re in trouble beyond the realms of your battery; here are a few.


There’s no getting around it: sometimes, a car needs to be towed. AAA will tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station, repair shop, or your preferred location. They have a vast fleet of 63,000 towing and roadside service trucks nationwide, so they can help you get back on the road quickly.

Flat Tire

Flat tires happen to everyone. When it happens, AAA roadside assistance is there to help. Depending on the damage, they either replace it with your spare, reinflate it, or tow your vehicle. I don’t have to stress about changing tires myself anymore.

Fuel Delivery

Run out of gas? No worries! AAA provides fuel delivery service, too. They bring me enough fuel to get to the nearest gas station, so we’re never stranded on the side of the road.

Locksmith Services

Locked yourself out of your car? AAA offers locksmith services for those situations. As a member, I can request roadside service for any car I’m in, whether a driver or a passenger. I can rest easy knowing AAA is there to help.

Membership Options and Benefits

So now we know the services that AAA offers, what are the membership options?

Let’s take a look.

Classic Membership

AAA offers a Classic Membership plan that includes basic benefits. Members get free roadside assistance, including jump starts, 24/7.

Plus Membership

But AAA doesn’t stop there. They have a Plus Membership plan, too. It has even more benefits. As a Plus member, I get longer towing distances and free fuel delivery if I run out of gas.

My favorite part is the trip interruption coverage. If I have a car problem on a longer drive, AAA helps me out. They cover the cost of meals, lodging, and transportation.

Premier Membership

Finally, AAA has a Premier Membership plan. It’s their top-tier option. Premier members experience VIP service and exclusive benefits. Need a concierge while away from home? AAA has you covered.

Imagine getting a one-time tow of up to 200 miles. That’s what AAA Premier Membership offers. It’s excellent for long trips. Plus, you’ll get even more support during vehicle breakdowns. It’s like having a personal car guardian.

With all the membership options, AAA helps me stay prepared. As a member, I feel protected on the road. Now I know AAA will come to my house to jump-start my car if needed. It’s nice to feel secure.

Requesting AAA Services

AAA is easy to contact when I need help with a car issue. It offers various ways to request assistance online, via phone, and through its AAA Mobile App. Let’s explore these options below.


The online service request is super convenient. I can ask for their 24/7 roadside assistance with just a few clicks. I just need to provide my membership details and describe the problem. Then, help is on its way!


Sometimes, I prefer calling them directly. Their 24/7 roadside assistance hotline number is 1-800-400-4222. I can talk to a virtual assistant or a real person to share my details and request support.

AAA Mobile App

For me, the AAA Mobile App is the handiest option. I can request help day or night straight from my smartphone. They even provide GPS tracking, so they can easily find my location. Have peace of mind knowing help is just a tap away!

Whichever method you choose, AAA’s assistance is timely and reliable.

Battery Testing and Replacement Services

But we’re all about batteries here, right? So, let’s look at how AAA can help when our batteries are making us suffer!

Battery Testing

When my car’s having trouble starting, I turn to AAA for help. They offer a mobile battery service that saves me time. A professional technician comes to my house and tests the battery for me. He uses advanced diagnostic tools to test the battery and the electrical system.

The comprehensive battery test evaluates the battery’s voltage, current, and ability to hold a charge. Once the test is done, the technician provides me with a detailed report outlining their findings, including recommendations on the next steps to take.

Battery Replacement

If the test results show my car battery needs replacement, no worries. The technician can replace it on the spot. I don’t have to go anywhere or wait too long. Just be aware that this is subject to the availability of a suitable battery for your vehicle.

Battery Warranties

Once replaced, the new AAA battery comes with a solid warranty. For three years, it’s worry-free and valid across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. Who doesn’t like peace of mind?

Recycling Old Batteries

We all care about the environment. AAA’s service includes taking the old battery. They recycle it, guaranteeing responsible disposal. I feel good knowing I’m doing my part, and it saves me the hassle of disposing of my battery.

Service Limitations

As a member, you should be aware of their limitations. According to their towing policy, Classic members can have their vehicles towed for free up to 5 miles. Plus members can have their vehicles towed for free up to 100 miles.

These services vary depending on membership levels. It’s important to know your plan’s specific terms and conditions and choose the plan that meets your needs.

If you only pootle around your small town or village buying groceries, the Classic plan might be best for you.

But if you travel interstate, you might want to consider the Plus or Premier plan. These plans offer longer towing distances and additional benefits that can be very helpful for long trips.

However, the specifics of these benefits can vary based on your AAA Membership plan. It’s always a good idea to check the details of your plan to understand the full extent of your services.

Charges for Services Beyond Limitations

If you exceed the limitations of my plan, there might be additional service charges. If the tow distance exceeds my membership’s coverage, I’ll be charged for extra miles. To avoid surprises, I always understand my AAA membership’s terms and conditions. Discuss possible charges with the service provider before getting help.

AAA Approved Auto Repair and Service Discounts

There are a range of benefits and discounts that come with AAA membership.

Approved Auto Repair Shops

All AAA-approved repair shops have to meet rigorous standards to qualify for the program. The staff are friendly and helpful to a man. The technicians are certified and trained to the highest standard.

So if you need your motor fixed by them, you can be assured that your treasured jalopy is in the safest hands. You can trust these guys with all your repairs and maintenance.

Service Discounts

Besides top-notch service, AAA offers a range of automotive discounts. You can enjoy up to 10% off parts and labor at AAA-approved auto repair shops. Also, use the Fuel Rewards program to save five cents per gallon at Shell gas stations.

AAA Membership Additional Benefits

Let me run through some additional benefits of AAA membership.

Nationwide Coverage

AAA membership covers nationwide. This means that whether you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can count on it to help you when needed.

Travel Discounts

AAA membership helps with unexpected car problems. It also gives you access to travel discounts if you can’t take the car. These benefits make vacations more affordable. You can save money on trips from hotel bookings to car rentals. It’s such a great service to have.


Another feature of AAA membership is its range of services. In addition to emergency roadside assistance, they have travel planning services, financial products, and insurance.

Alternatives to AAA

But what if you don’t have a AAA membership but still need help with your car? Don’t worry; there are other options available.

One alternative is calling a local towing service or roadside assistance company. You can get a jump start on my car even if you’re not a member. You need to pay their non-member rates. Search online to find these companies. Or, ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Another option is asking my neighbors for help. A lot of people keep jumper cables in their cars and are willing to help jump-start your vehicle. This way, you can save money and get to know your neighbors better.

Get Roadside Cover with Your Car Insurance

Did you know you can get roadside coverage with car insurance? Many car insurance companies offer roadside assistance as an add-on for as little as $10 to $20 per year! That’s a great deal, isn’t it? Here’s where I learned about it.

How does this help me, you ask? Well, it covers you when my car’s battery drains out unexpectedly. AAA offers roadside assistance, too. Their services include battery testing, jump starts, and on-the-spot replacement if needed.

What if I’m not driving my own car? The good news is that AAA covers any eligible vehicle you’re in, whether driving or just a passenger. It even includes up to four road service calls a year! To know more, take a look at this article.

I haven’t got Roadside Assistance and my Car Won’t Start. What can I do?

I recently encountered a situation where my car wouldn’t start, and I didn’t have roadside assistance. But don’t worry – I found some approaches that helped, and I’ll share them with you!

The first thing I did was to check my battery. I turned on my car’s headlights and noticed they were dim. That’s when I knew my battery might be struggling. If this happens, try jump-starting your car. To do this, get help from another vehicle and use jumper cables, or you can use a jump starter if you have one.

If my battery is not the problem, I listen for unusual sounds when trying to start the car. If I hear a clicking sound, it could be that the starter motor is failing. In this case, I gently hit the starter motor with a hammer or a wrench to free it. Remember, this is only a temporary fix, and you should follow up with a visit to a mechanic.

Another possibility I considered was a faulty alternator. If the alternator is not charging the battery adequately, my car won’t start. I used a multimeter to check the battery’s voltage while the engine was running. A healthy alternator should show around 14 volts.

Lastly, if fuel isn’t reaching the engine, it won’t start. A clogged fuel filter or a failing fuel pump can cause this issue. In such cases, a replacement is needed. This isn’t a job for novices – consult a mechanic for assistance.

If you don’t feel confident addressing these issues yourself, it’s best to call for help. Remember that. Friends, family members, or even local mechanics can be lifesavers in these situations. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay safe!

Before You Go…

By now, you understand that AAA offers jump-start services for members. They even come to your home. You also understand that there are circumstances and limitations. You need to be aware of them. These include the availability, cost, coverage, and alternatives. But what if you’re thinking of switching to an electric car? How long will the battery last in an electric car? And how can you enhance its life and performance?

These are important questions. Every driver should know the answers to them. Electric cars are becoming more widespread and cost-effective. In my next post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the life expectancy of an electric car battery. I’ll also cover how to make it last longer. Read “What is the Life Expectancy of an Electric Car Battery“, because it could save you a lot of money and trouble in the future. Click here to read it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the FAQs

Will AAA charge my dead battery?

AAA offers roadside assistance for dead batteries. They can test your car battery and, if necessary, jump-start your car on the spot. If your battery needs replacement, AAA can also provide that service.

What does AAA use to jump-start a car?

AAA uses professional equipment and techniques to jump-start your car. Its technicians are trained to use appropriate jumper cables and battery packs, which ensures a safe and efficient process.

How many times will AAA jump your battery?

AAA doesn’t typically limit the number of times they’ll jump your battery. But, they may suggest a proper evaluation and servicing of your vehicle. This is if you face repeated battery issues.

Is there a fee for AAA jumpstart service?

As a AAA member, jumpstart service is generally included in your membership benefits. Fees might apply for additional services or non-member requests. So, being familiar with your membership details is a good idea.

How do I contact AAA for roadside assistance?

To contact AAA for roadside assistance, you can call their 24/7 hotline at 1-800-400-4222. Alternatively, you can also request service online or through their mobile app.

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